Tax legislation and regulations change rapidly. It can be challenging for busy tax professionals to keep up with all the details. Tax Astute Snapshots aim to make it easy for you to assess relevant key issues in 5 minutes or less. If you require more information on a specific issue shown (or any additional tax issues), contact us to enquire about a Tax Astute training session.

Thin Capitalisation And Debt Deduction Creation Legislation FINALISED (understanding the new law, including the final Senate amendments)

The New 2024/25 Individual Tax Rates – At what level of Taxable Income will an individual pay less tax than a corporate taxpayer?

Why every tax professional needs to understand the New Promoter Penalty Rules (PPR) from 1 July 2024

Proposed New Individual Tax Residence Rules

Applying the ATO’s finalised s100A ITAA 1936 Guidance to Trust Distributions

Understanding the 20% Boost Deduction Rules

The ALP’s proposed Public Registry of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (PRUBO) – what are the likely practical implications for tax and other professionals?

Non-Concessional Contribution Bring Forward Rule for < 75 year old’s from 2022/23

Foreign Resident Main Residence Exemption (MRE) Removal

Vacant Land Non-Deductible Holding Costs from 1 July 2019