Our quality Australian tax training is available online and/or in-person and can be tailored to any organisation or individual needs. Sample a Tax Astute Training recording below and download associated PDF handouts here.

Our Training Products

Regardless of your industry or level of experience, we offer a range of products to suit.

  • Major Tax Events – when a major tax change is released, we keep our clients informed ASAP using our suite of major Tax Event products.
  • Tax Report – which explains your tailored choice of current issues and recent major tax.
  • Feature Topic – which provides in-depth training on a particular chosen Tax Area from our extensive library of topics.

Training will be tailored to your organisation’s needs, and all clients get access to our exclusive client database of training materials and tax updates. Our Tax News section on this website is another way to stay informed on topical tax issues through our  regular Tax Snapshots.

Presented in an informative and readily comprehended way


Why Our Tax Training Works

Each Tax Astute Training Session Delivers Everything You Need To Understand Complex Tax Issues - We Provide

  • Animated diagrams to make complex tax issues easier to understand at all levels of experience
  • Opportunities to ask questions and consider worked examples to put knowledge into practice
  • An experienced tax presenter who adjusts the training to your organisation, industry, and your group's level of experience
  • Training presentation handouts to follow during your session, in printable or digital format
  • Interactive post-session recordings which can consolidated your knowledge and assist as verifiable CPD
  • Access linked source technical information such as relevant legislation, regulations, court decisions, ATO rulings, etc.

Tax Training Delivered The Way You Want It

Tax Astute Training is easily adapted to our different delivery methods and you receive the same training outcomes regardless of which option you choose.

  •  Face-to-Face / In-Office Training and Hybrid Training

Allows you to receive training in your own office or external training venue with the presenter in the same room, anywhere in Australia. Note that we can offer simultaneous online training for those not in the room via our Hybrid Training option (a highly effective combination of both face-to-face and online training at once).

  •  Online Training (In-House)

Allows you to receive interactive online training in any office, home or other location worldwide. This option can be provided as your sole training option or in combination with a face-to-face training session via our hybrid training option. Online Training is particularly popular with clients needing small groups in multiple locations trained simultaneously including hybrid/work from home arrangements, clients in regional, international or other diverse locations and/or for managing COVID-safety issues.

  •  Public Online Training Groups

We also offer Public Online Training Groups as a flexible and cost-effective training option for small groups and individuals from small firms, corporate or other small tax teams who want to join a combined online tax training session with other similar participants.  Contact us to find out how we achieve maximum interaction, ability to ask questions and allow tailored input regarding the training content via our smaller Public Online Training Group sizes and confidential question and answer options.

  •  Interactive Training Recordings

To supplement our live training products, interactive online training recordings are made available to our clients. Recordings allow you to revisit important issues to refresh your memory after training and generate verifiable CPD time. We also use introductory recordings where required to provide early access to our clients to introduce important new tax developments as early as possible, without the need to wait for your next live training session. Interactive recordings are also a good substitute for those who can’t attend a live training session due to leave, part-time work or client commitments.