Trusted by an extensive range of tax professionals throughout Australia ranging from large National and International organisations through to smaller practices in regional areas
Thorough consultation before training allows Tax Astute clients to recommend the ordering and emphasis of every issue in their training to maximise practical benefits
Improve your practical understanding of current tax issues
Generate CPD/CPE hours or points to meet professional requirements
Complex tax concepts simplified using a visual, engaging and interactive approach
Reduce both your professional risks and non-billable research time
Participation and putting your knowledge into practice during training is encouraged but each group can choose exactly how they want their training to proceed
Tailored training from junior to advanced levels through a wide variety of Tax Report and Feature Topic presentations
Training expertise in all tax areas from small business & individuals through to large corporate and international tax issues
Established in 2010 to provide a highly professional tax training experience for participants in any location
Consistent training by an experienced and highly regarded presenter, generally Heidi Rodgers who owns and operates your training provider
We offer your choice of face to face and/or online training according to your needs and budget
  • “We have attended web-based training sessions and found them to be very interactive”
    Paul Abercrombie, Abercrombie Accounting Group, Townsville
  • “Presented in an informative and readily comprehended way”
    Allan Swan, Swan & Yii Structuring & Estate Planning Lawyers, Melbourne
Our training and its benefits can be accessed in a variety of ways