Our Training Products

Regardless of your industry or level of experience, we offer a range of products to suit including:

  • Major Tax Events – when a major tax issue is released, we keep clients informed ASAP using our suite of major Tax Event products (additional to the Tax Astute Snapshots in our Tax News).
  • Tax Report – which explains your choice of current issues and recent Major Tax Events (generally on a monthly to quarterly basis).
  • Feature Topic – which allows in-depth training on a particular Tax Area from our extensive library of topics.
    • These products can be adapted to suit:
      • Advanced training for principal/partner/director and other senior staff;
      • Junior/Intermediate or ‘Refresher’ training to explain key issues to suit a more junior group and/or those who have not dealt with the tax issue for some time; or
      • The common scenario where training will suit staff at all levels (i.e. from partner/director through to junior levels of staff).
Sample Training Slide
Why Our Tax Training Works
Each Tax Astute training session delivers:

Extensive use of animated diagrams (combined with relevant text) to make complex tax issues easier to understand and concentrate on at all levels of experience

The ability to ask and answer questions and consider worked examples to put your knowledge into practice during and after your training.

An experienced professional tax presenter who gets to know you and your business and is skilled at explaining the issues you need in an engaging manner, regardless of your industry or level of experience.

Training presentation handouts to follow during your training session either:

  • in a variety of printed formats; or
  • on your tablet or similar device.

Full reference notes behind your training handouts for use after your training and incorporating:

  • training diagrams with text explanations and issues;
  • training questions and their answers; and
  • relevant generic discussion issues raised by clients in training around Australia (subject of course to client confidentiality which is our first concern).

Your technical information requirements for use after the training such as relevant and current:

  • Legislation, Regulations and Draft Legislation;
  • Court decisions;
  • Tax Office Rulings, Determinations and other relevant documents; and
  • Notice and status of relevant announced changes Government Announcements and all proposed changes as they occur, allowing you to plan for and communicate issues early.
Training Delivered The Way You Want It
Tax Astute training product is intentionally versatile and you can receive exactly the same training regardless of which option you choose.
Face to face/in office training

Allows you to receive training in your own office/training venue with the presenter in the same room. This remains a popular choice for many existing Tax Astute clients and is available throughout Australia.

Online Training

Allows you to receive interactive online training in your own office. This option is particularly popular with Tax Astute clients needing small groups in multiple locations trained simultaneously and/or clients in regional locations.

Recorded Training
  • A good substitute for those who can’t attend a live training session due to:
    • leave;
    • part time work; or
    • work commitments.
  • Recorded training also allows Tax Astute clients to refresh their memories on a particular training issue which they may want to revisit after training.
  • Tax Astute’s visual and animated approach to explaining tax concepts is ideally suited to produce an engaging and useful recorded training experience.
How to Choose your Training Program
Using this reference table you can quickly discover which option will work best for you.
  Face-to-Face Training Online Training
Best for training those in diverse/offsite locations at the same time   tick
Best for those in any location who prefer their training presenter in the same room tick  
Best for regional remote locations preferring shorter/monthly training to longer/less frequent face-to-face training   tick
Best for those in sole practitioner or small tax team environments wanting to increase CPD/CPE hours from their own desk   tick
Best for building tax knowledge/building CPD or CPE hours/points and asking and answering questions in real time tick tick
Best for those seeking a recording of recent tax events tick tick
Best for those seeking comprehensive reference/research notes behind their training tick tick
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